Vibrant specializes in the design and supply of products for the transportation industry.  Our products cover applications in Trucks, Buses, Locomotives and a variety of Off-road Vehicles and stationary equipment.  We provide solutions for high temperature applications where longevity and durability is critical.  Vibrant can also provide leak free products required in today’s stringent emission controlled vehicle and stationary engine environments.

Vibrant is responsive and will work to meet your critical project deadlines for development and line production applications.

Tubular products – Custom Tube Bending

  • Available in aluminized steel, aluminum and stainless steel (304, 409) materials
  • Sizes ranging from 0.1875” (4.76mm) to 6.00” (152mm) O.D.
  • Mandrel bending or compression bending in a variety of bend radius’ including tight bends down to 1D
  • Oval tube bending is also available
  • Single wall and double wall air gap thermal barrier bent tube products custom made to customer specifications in steel or stainless steel materials
  • Applications:  On and off road vehicle exhaust systems including insulated systems for 2010 emission compliance
  • Contact Vibrant Power for further details

Flexible Exhaust Couplings

  • Stainless steel convoluted multiply bellows connectors for vibration isolation
  • Vibrant provides innovative and reliable solutions for vibration and thermal movement in automotive and transportation equipment exhaust systems
  • In house design team ready to evaluate your specific application and provide economical solution recommendations
  • Available from 1-1/8” (28mm) I.D. to 5” (127mm) I.D. in a variety of lengths
  • Custom bellows supplied up to 144” (3658mm) on request
  • Custom end fittings to facilitate installation and pressure conditions
  • Available with or without internal flow liners


  • Exhaust and air system silencers for on and off road vehicles
  • Will custom design for  2, 4, 6 and 8 cylinder diesel and gas engines;  turbo and non-turbocharged applications
  • Stationary and on/off road vehicles
  • Stainless steel, aluminized steel, mild steel construction capabilities
  • Welded or lock seam designs
  • Not limited by engine size or HP

Stainless Steel Braided Hoses

  • Vibrant stainless steel corrugated hose and hose assemblies are available in sizes from 1/8” I.D. to 30” I.D.
  • Available in any length and with standard or custom end fittings
  • Extreme high temperature and pressure assemblies available
  • Suitable for leak free applications such as refrigeration, cryogenics, gas and searching fluids where elastomeric or thermal plastic hoses are not recommended
  • Quick turn around for prototype work and new applications or when critical service or delivery is a requirement.
  • Full cleaning, degreasing and sealing capabilities when needed

Thermal Insulation

  • Vibrant can supply flexible or rigid thermal insulation products to reduce the skin temperature of any piping or tubing application
  • A variety of materials (metallic and non-metallic) are available to insulate your exhaust system appropriately that will suit temperature and environmental conditions

Powder Coating

  • Automated powder coating systems to provide temperature sensitive protective coatings on our finished parts in a variety of colours and textures upon request

Welding Capabilities

  • TIG
  • MIG
  • Induction Brazing
  • Spot Welding
  • Resistance Welding
  • Automatic Robotic Welding


  • Vibrant Power has the capability of designing and developing exhaust systems and flexible gas and fluid transfer products using CAD and solid modeling.
  •  Vibrant can assist with design and provide prototypes for testing purposes for OEM and Aftermarket applications.  Contact us with your design ideas and product needs.

Reinforced Silicone Couplings

  • Vibrant Silicone couplings, hose and connectors feature a 4-ply reinforced construction providing a product that will withstand high temperature and pressure conditions
  • Available from stock in 1” I.D. to 5” I.D.
  • Available in a wide range of colours and with or without customer logo
  • Straight hose, hump hose, 90 degree, 45 degree and transition/reducers
  • Silicone hose connections for coolant, air intake, turbo charger and intercooler applications
  • Silicone vacuum hose


  • Vibrant will private label products and affix customer logo upon request
  • Vibrant can provide custom packaging to suit a customer’s needs
  • Custom packaging may consist of  box labeling, customer box design, installation instructions, mounting hardware, and protective wrapping and/or sealing

Other Products

  • Stainless steel leak tight clamping systems for exhaust and air systems
  • T-bolt clamps, V-band clamps, Worm gear clamps; all stainless steel construction
  • Gaskets and flanges
  • Catalytic converters and catalytic mufflers


For more information about Transportation products, please contact us at 905-564-8644 or Email us.


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