In 1997, Vibrant Power dove into the world of automotive performance with the introduction of a consumer brand of products called Vibrant Performance. Drawing from the company’s existing wealth of engineering and design expertise, it took little time to establish a reputation for quality intake and exhaust parts for the automotive performance industry.

The first five years of Vibrant Performance were defined by the sport compact trend.  At the heart of the product line was an assortment of free flowing exhaust and intake products designed for the hottest front wheel drive cars on the street and track.  Vibrant Performance successfully serviced the emerging consumer demand by way of an efficient network of Performance Warehouse Distributors, Jobbers and Online Retailers throughout the United States, Canada and in 15 countries worldwide. 

While the sport compact trend led to the creation of Vibrant Performance, its downturn forced change to the company’s focus during the sudden decline in the segment’s popularity.  Vibrant Power turned to its core competency as a quality manufacturer of components and reinvented the brand by creating an assortment of forced induction fabrication parts for a wide range of automotive, truck, and marine applications.

The Vibrant Performance brand has evolved into a focused B2B product line that is constantly in touch with the market and the needs of the true performance enthusiast.  Our quality manufacturing and strategic distribution partnerships will ensure our future success and relevance as a performance brand.

For further details on Vibrant Performance Products, please consult our website and on-line catalogue at: www.vibrantperformance.com.


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