It is the challenge of delivering solutions that drives our company. At Vibrant Power Inc., our team takes ownership of your issues and will work around the clock with you to provide solutions that are effective and economical.  In over 30 years, we have established a track record for delivering the leading edge in product design, manufacturing and logistics for a wide range of industrial and automotive businesses.



Diversification is an important success factor in global competition. Companies that encourage and nurture diversity can support opportunities for growth more quickly and better understand their customers’ needs and requirements. Vibrant Power Inc. is in contact with customers worldwide with an employee base that is similarly diverse. It is this diversity that enables our employees to handle the requirements of such a broad group. To ensure sustainable future growth, it is important that we have continuous discussion, collaboration of different ideas, cultural backgrounds, experiences, varying expertise and individual qualities at all levels of our company.

At Vibrant Power Inc. our mission is the pursuit of excellence, profitability and enjoyment. We will be researching, producing and marketing reliable products to the market place on a global basis and fulfill our customers' needs better and more profitably than our competitors. We will be market driven rather than product driven and will take a proactive approach towards industry and market changes. We will achieve our mission through effective management, effective communication, customer service, quality products, loyalty, trust and respect for all.

Our dedicated and qualified employees are critical in Vibrant Power Inc.’s continuous pursuit of meeting and exceeding customers expectations. Our success is a direct result of the contributions made by our employees. Our employees are motivated and always willing to give their best and bring their creative ideas for the betterment of our company. At Vibrant Power Inc., we promote a corporate culture that continuously builds and sustains a high level of motivation among our employees by assisting them in achieving a balance between work and home life.

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